Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to Commander Quacks's Blog!

Here you will find all episodes and descriptions!

Here's the lowdown of our show...

After the destruction of Quacksonia, Commander Quacks...the one sole survivor must venture out into the far reaches of space to find a new home for himself and a vital collection of frozen eggs!

Commander Quacks is played by Matthew Lavin. Joey Raven plays Barry the alien. ZX-39 is played by Linda Cleary. All three are the show's creators! We script the main plot but a majority of the show is improvised!

Linda makes almost all of the puppets on the show with the exception of Commander Quacks.


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Cara said...

That looks like a great show - my kids love hand puppets, so I'm sure they'd eat this show right up and it'd be watched regularly in our house. They love puppets so much, I even bought them a whole bunch for Christmas from Super Smarty Pants Hand Puppets Store so I'm sure they'd want their own versions of Commander Quacks puppets and friends!