Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Episode 5- A Day To Remember

It's Quacks' birthday and Shumba's minions have snuck onto the ship! They plan to secretly steal the eggs from under the crew's noses but there's an even bigger surprise and Quacks never even finds it out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Episode 4- Princess of Barria...

Here's a semi-two parter...extra long episode!

Barry has a secret...he's a princess! When his father and man-servant beam aboard, "she" decides to flee to Cormex Prime leaving Quacks in charge of distracting and entertaining their guests. ZX-39 and Mingee travel down to Cormex Prime and are forced to fight off the Greenga (predatory arachnid beasts to rescue Barry). Will they make it back to the ship? Will Quacks survive Lord Barrimus's constant questioning about his daughter?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Episode 3- Who's That Girl?

Commander Quacks and Barry return from a trip to a trading ship. They have bought lots of things but none of their vital supplies that they need! They transport down to Tycon 0796 to stock up when they spot Shumba's men! They have a "princess" captive! Barry and Quacks decide to rescue her!

Episode 2- The Puzzle

Commander Quacks, Barry & ZX-39 land on Glorix SX-74001 and meet a strange alien that may threaten their very lives...too bad Quacks and Barry fall in love!

Episode 1- Ship-Jacked!

Quacks and ZX-39 find their first planet! They beam down and meet a new shipmate and realize their ship has been stolen by space pirates!

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Here's the lowdown of our show...

After the destruction of Quacksonia, Commander Quacks...the one sole survivor must venture out into the far reaches of space to find a new home for himself and a vital collection of frozen eggs!

Commander Quacks is played by Matthew Lavin. Joey Raven plays Barry the alien. ZX-39 is played by Linda Cleary. All three are the show's creators! We script the main plot but a majority of the show is improvised!

Linda makes almost all of the puppets on the show with the exception of Commander Quacks.